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By Keep on talking (anonymous) | Posted March 11, 2011 at 14:28:32

Great article Chris:

Yes, we do have to change things, however, those, the old guard will hang on dearly for life to the old way. In my view, the old guard would use force to keep the status quo in tact.

We must also look at the media and how things like the medium of TV have done. Everyday, it is a constant barrage of consumer items to give the illusion that if we ahve all this stuff, we are successful. While those who struggle in low income are not always able to buy things, it is those in the middle class who are consumed by very high levels of consumer debt due to their insatiable appetite for things. Many in the middle class are one paycheque away from complete disaster and have no real clue to what would lie ahead if they ever had to depend on the social safety net.

If mother nature dies, we die, too bad people choose to ignore that fact and continue on the same old path, thinking their riches will save them.

What affects one, affects us all!

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