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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted April 20, 2011 at 10:44:18

Great article, great comment by Ryan.

Such a shame we have these perceptions that prevent progress on the parts of our Councillors.

As it is, only 55 percent of compostable waste currently makes it into green bins. The rest goes into the garbage and ends up in landfill.

At the risk of veering the conversation...though I see it all as germane to the discussion...this 'compostable waste' element speaks volumes.

As a result of engaging in a full gamut's worth of seemingly disparate topics, I've become a pretty ardent believer in people taking responsibility for their own crap: I believe that every home...I'm not talking about multi-unit dwellings, though that would be the next phase...should be composting.

People point to the obvious in terms of waste, in terms of 'negative behaviour' environment-wise, but to me, the idea of not being responsible for your own 'natural' waste is egregious...especially in light of what would be required to actually take responsibility.

We had 'victory gardens' during two World Wars. There was a need to step up, and people did. There's just as much a need today, albeit in another arena.

(I'm visiting family in the US right now. And my mom was incredulous at the 'one bag' rule in Hamilton. I was just as incredulous at the fact that she was incredulous. Here, they don't do compostable waste (that is, food products). You're allowed one of those super-bins for your regular garbage pickup every week, one of these for recyclables every two weeks (no tiny blue boxes for them!) and you can put out up to about 20 bags of 'garden waste' each week. Oi-friggin'-vey. But then, there is a local recreational area previously a landfill known as Mount Trashmore...)

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