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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted April 25, 2011 at 10:14:26 in reply to Comment 62613

You are right. Hamilton is different from every other city in the world and nothing that works anywhere else will work here.

We should not consider ANY studies conducted in any city other than Hamilton, unless the other city is exactly like Hamilton in every single way. Because those cities are different.

Did you read the link? It's more than just numbers from one study done in NYC

I'm willing to have a debate but if you don't have the courtesy to read the background information then there is no point in talking to you about it.

I run a business downtown, and I witness people parking all day in front of my shop, walking out every two hours to put quarters in the machine. This is supposed to be short term parking for customers but it is not used that way because meter parking is too cheap.

We could be talking about NYC or about Wawa, it does not make a difference - if it is cheaper (or free) to park on the street all day than it is to park in a lot, people are going to park in the street all day leaving no room for short term customer parking, and increasing the number of vultures circling and waiting for that elusive cheap/free spot.

This is not rocket science.

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