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By seika (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2011 at 19:55:23

OK So here is ANOTHER street in Hamilton that is dwindling .. HOWEVER I take offense to the comment about it NOT being Barton street. What does that mean that it is ok for Barton street to look like a boarded up crack ghetto from hell b/c we bore the brunt of the industrial downfall? I happen to live in the Barton and Emerald area of town and for those of you who DON'T venture into this neck of the woods we here would like the city to do something about Barton Street as well. Afterall the hospital is here as well as a neighbourhood full of families with kids. What needs to happen int his city is that all these areas need to be revitalized and some kind of planning needs to take place. As well the city needs to address the absentee landlords and the fact that most storefronts are now illegal apartments. I would love to open a shop on Barton St. and i'm sure there are people thinking the same thing along King East but until the city steps up and takes some responsibility for these areas going down the proverbial toilet we as home owners and residents need to step up and make some changes.

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