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By Like Europe (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2011 at 15:34:39

That link you posted? That does not link to an actual 'scientific report'.Note that you cannot find a copy of the actual research document anywhere on the web.

All you will see is various people's comments and some selectively derived bar graphs ((like that link)... not the research report itself.

Read the actual research report (if you can find a copy) and you will see that the crop growth was suppressed on many crops grown with sludge and that sludge that was not legal for land application was land applied.

The purpose of this Horseshoe sludge study was to 'demonstrate' and 'promote' sludge use. A careful reading of the actual study results will show that the experiment didn't demonstrate safety or effectiveness of sludge.

It demonstrated non compliance

So the friends of sludge in agriculture skipped the 'demonstration' part and went straight to promoting sludge in our food chain. THat is why you can't find a copy of the actual report..just the happy communication that it demonstrated something good about sludge.

Ray..don't be so gullible in your promotion of sewage sludge on our foodlands. Do the research and you will see, as the Environmental Assessment showed ... that it is not sustainable to keep putting sludge on Ontario farm fields.

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