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By rayfullerton (registered) | Posted May 15, 2011 at 07:42:19

@ Like Europe RE Other TM's

The biosolids management evaluation was divided into 17 Technical Memoranda that will address the key issues of the biosolids management strategy as follows: TM 1 TM 2 TM 3 TM 4 TM 5 TM 6 TM 7 - TM 15 TM 16 TM 17 Current Status of Biosolids Management in Hamilton Projected Future Biosolids Quantities Current Land Application Practices Current and Evolving Trends in Biosolids Management Current and Projected Biosolids Management Practises in Ontario Communities Regulatory Review Biosolids Management Options Evaluation Criteria Evaluation of Short-Listed Alternatives and Selection of Preferred Alternative

Searched City website for other TM's,no success, do you have links to the other TM's?

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