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By Like Europe (anonymous) | Posted May 15, 2011 at 08:41:55

The Liberty project does not increase truck traffic, it diminishes it. Bear in mind that all the sludge that would go to a Hamilton sludge facility is already in trucks on the road to far away farmlands, storage sites, and landfills.

Southern Ontario sludge is so hard to get rid of, and there is so little farmland and landfill to dump it, that it is put on trucks to destinations as far away as Northern Ontario, Sherbrooke Quebec, Ottawa, Michigan, and New York. It goes to into a 700 kilmeter radius of the Southern Ontario cities that generate it.

Hamilton's sludge goes to an open air storage lagoon in Niagara region. From there it goes to landfill or it is trucked twice.

All the trucks that drive sewage sludge down to Niagara, Oxford, Haldimand, and New York state all go through the Hamilton air shed on the QEW anyway. Having a centralized sludge management facility where Southern Ontario sludge is managed in Southern Ontario means fossil fuel burning and air emissions from this long distances trucking of sludge wastes will stop.

There are trucking routes that are established in permitting waste facilities, so this notion that sewage sludge trucks will suddenly show up in Hamilton's main streets is absurd.

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