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By Like Europe (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2011 at 10:20:06

The Golden Horseshow Regional Soil and Crop Association
Biosolids Project reveals heavy metal uptake...and lousy science

It reveals that sludge was spread in apparent violation of Ontario permit limits. Sludge was spread on one field even though the level of nickel on the field already exceeded the maxiumum heavy metal in violation of the Ministry of Environment permit.
That was the Niagara South soil plot.

The study reveals that where sludge is spread on fields the heavy metals were elevated in the grain head and in the leaves of the crops fertilized with sludge.

It demonstrates that toxins can be elevated in our food as a result of sludge spreading.

Two thirds of the samples reported showed elevated zinc, and two thirds showed elevated copper in the grain. Eight out of eleven test plots showed zinc uptake elevated in plant leaves. No other data is provided on other heavy metals uptake. Again...this was the purpose of the where is the data?

As to nutrients, the report somehow fails to provide the phosphorus level in the various sludges applied. What kind of scientific study says it is discussing fertilizer values and then somehow neglects to actually provide the values?

Similarly, the study doesn't provide accurate comparable data for heavy metals in the sludge...setting out charts that compare sludges using both dry weight and wet that the materials cannot be compared.

The study states that there were 8 test plots and then disappears all the data on one of the plots...the Niagara South plot number one, that received sludge from Niagara Region. No discussion of why this plot is eradicated from the 'study'

I guess that is the kind of 'science' you get from a Terratec funded study.

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