Comment 64178

By jason (registered) | Posted May 29, 2011 at 15:54:29 in reply to Comment 64176

folks I've spoken to who live there say it's the safest walk for their kids to get to HAAA, Locke South shops and Ryerson Rec Centre. As a parent, I concur. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to have to navigate Aberdeen and Queen intersection on foot, and then walk along the Queen South freeway on tiny sidewalks when Kent is a perfectly safe north/south route through the neighbourhood. If some folks don't want a stop light at Kent, my suggestion would be to add 24-7 street parking on both sides of Aberdeen and convert Queen into a two-way street: one lane each way, with curbside parking on one side and street trees next to the roadway on widened sidewalks. Then we could satisfy the idea that walking along Aberdeen and Queen is a safe, walkable route linking residents to their neighbourhood amenities.

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