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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 15, 2011 at 13:10:30 in reply to Comment 66231

the problem is not so much capitalism per se as corporatism

I see little if any difference.

I suppose you could say capitalism has led to unbridled corporatism. But there was no golden age of capitalism. Capitalism has always exploited and redistributed wealth to the rich. Historically it predominantly exploited a faceless "them" and shared the spoils better with us.

But the golden age is a myth for western consumption, sellable because for decades we were largely blind to the foreign costs of our capitalist consumption lifestyle. But now more of us are beginning to fall victim to its greed.

Some may believe we can perform an upheaval-free roll back to some sort of "golden age". I do not. I do not believe in that golden age and even if I did we are too far down the global path of unbridled capitalism (or corporatism) for any gentle conversion to a more equitable system.

Poverty will continue to increase, wealth will continue to accumulate in the top and sadly there is not a damning thing that any of us can do to change that until we come face to face with the fundamental deficiency of our culture and that is class.

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