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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 17, 2011 at 15:29:27

Being a beneficiary of the post secondary system, it's hard to diss it. Being a likely payor in the next few years for the next generation, all the great discussion above makes for an unhappy prospect. My own investigations ended up zeroing in on OSAP as a crux of the matter in foisting burdensome debts on gullible young people who mainly want to stay/keep up with their classmates and aren't really thinking yet. Peer pressure and the buzz outweighs parental and logical guidance of the sort given above.

I believe we have gone off the rails and the next generation will pay dearly. In many ways, on many topics I think we have to go backwards in order to go forward like the old saying one step back, two steps forward. This might involve a crash of the system where all sorts of things get jettisoned, frivolous and essential alike, but allowing the essential to recover faster/better and the frivolous to be mercifully forgotten.

Education is a wonderful thing but the education industry has become a self justifying sacred cow, an expensive one that ties up young people in their most energetic years. We need to ask fundamental questions as to why the situation has developed this way, especially as the jobs they train people for are being sucked overseas as fast as corporations can figure a way to tap into lower wages and taxes. Meanwhile, apathy, entertainments and the great media bamboozle continues apace, thwarting any attempt at needed reform. We have an election coming up, education is mostly a provincial issue - can we put this on the agenda?

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