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Option 2 is OK. But why can't we just put it back the way it was? Is the old sign completely toasted? The other consideration is that a James Street North revitilization plan needs to be set out. Opening the Armories to the Public (lock up the the weapons first I suppose...) and even making it a public square/cafe spot would be great. Sprucing up the street lights etc. Council needs to do more than just create drawings. They need to assign people to oversee the development of the whole area and bring the partners (private investors, public, levels of government, BIA's)together. Otherwise the revitilzation will be ad-hoc and uncoordinated. When you have this in place you start creating a coordinated plan, and this creates the investor confidence you need to get people to spend their money. If council does not step up to take o the ownership of the James Street revitalization, then the local BIA will need to. So long as one central group knows what is going on in teh the area, and what the vision is, then this has the makings of a workable plan. Successful revitalization needs all these partners in play. And the key to inspiring investor confidence is having a plan, having lots of private, public and government support, and demonstrating that things are happening in the area. Anyone can see the potential for James Street - and the problems that need to be overcome - all we need is a formal plan to fix them. Our council needs to start asking, "what do businesses need?" to get them to invest, and to support them in their investment - and do it. Long Live the Tiv!!

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