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By R Don Lyres (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2011 at 13:41:35

Shocking revelation that Solomon was consulted on the development of standards for pedestrian crossings. Does anyone even know how many pedestrian (only) crossings there are in Hamilton? Could there even be a hundred, in total, city-wide?

Another question: Just what is the legal status of those non-signalized pairs of white lines that occasionally jump out at you as you drive through the city?

Many times I see pedestrians confidently walking across the street while surprised and confused drivers come screeching to a halt (or not, narrowly missing the similarly puzzled pedestrians), finally stopping inside the box formed by the mysterious white lines.

I ask everyone I can, but nobody seems to know. One person suggested that they become crosswalks only in the presence of a uniformed crossing guard. If these 'crosswalks' disappear when not staffed, then wouldn't some signage to that effect be in order?

It boggles the mind to think that this man would have been consulted on pedestrian crossings. Reading the article, is he an audiologist too, or something? Maybe he is the genius creator of the 'beady-eyes' add-on device found at Dundurn and King, and a few other places.

On a positive note, I have spied at least four newly-installed signalized pedestrian-only crosswalks in the city, poised for activation: Dundurn North, two on King St. W. and I think one on Ottawa St.

With his retirement, can these now be activated?

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