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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted August 05, 2011 at 14:40:53 in reply to Comment 67489

There are spots where the city will pull out the stops for pedestrians. For example, Columbia International College has a wonderful "Yield to Pedestrians" sign on the 403 onramp that divides its residences from its offices.

Also, here at Hamilton General, we have a pedestrian-crossing light at Wellington and our internal roadway.

And let's not forget the crossing on the middle of Longwood that attaches the MIP to its parking lot.

Dofasco's offices on Burlington St. sport their own lighted crossing connecting their office building to their parking lot. Just like MIP, there's no actual intersection nearby.

So the city provides crossings to large local businesses that need to connect their campus together.

Just not for people who actually live here.


THIS. This thing right here. I want this on every little highway-style slit-ramp in the city that has a crosswalk on it. That little "Yield TO PEDESTRIANS" sign. And yet the only time I've ever seen one is there for Columbia International College. It's a freaking sign, how much would it cost to put one up elsewhere? And it's not like it would slow down traffic if there weren't pedestrians.

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