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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted August 09, 2011 at 09:59:00

Nice article Mahesh. It is especially interesting and useful to read how Vancouverites are discussing and analyzing their city. As I mentioned in my own article, people in Vancouver have been debating and analyzing the city for many years and the discussion continues.

Of course, we shouldn't simply copy what other cities have done (I don't think the elevated skytrain is a good option for urban rapid transit, for example), but I was very interested in the process and the small incremental changes they've made on the street.

One difference is that these discussions almost always start from the assumption that Vancouver is a great city and place to live, but with room for improvement. There aren't many Vancouver-haters on those forums. However, I was shocked when I first moved to Hamilton at how many residents told me what a dump the place is and encouraged me not to stay! I'd usually say something like "it seems pretty nice to me". I'd never encountered such self-loathing anywhere else. In Hamilton we also need to start from the position that the city is worth improving!

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