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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted September 09, 2011 at 07:48:30 in reply to Comment 69227

I am extremely disappointed in your weak and shallow rebuttal Mahesh. Is that Rubbermaid rubbish the best you can do?

Chemical warfare

Multiple pesticide residues are particularly concerning because some pesticides can interact with one another and increase their toxicity – the so-called cocktail effect. If we take lettuce as an example there are 122 registered professional pesticides that can be used for growing lettuces in the UK of those:

• 20 are fungicides
• 45 are herbicides
• 57 are insecticides

Amongst them are some particularly unpleasant actives:

Mancozeb, a fungicide that is also classified as a carcinogen, a developmental or reproductive toxin, a suspected endocrine disruptor and a potential groundwater contaminant. Pirimicarb, an insecticide and also classified as a carcinogen and a cholinesterase inhibitor. Lambda-cyhalothrin, an insecticide and suspected endocrine disruptor. Cypermethrin, an insecticide and classified as a possible carcinogen and suspected endocrine disruptor.

None of that crap gets anywhere near my TracyToob Salad Bar but if my breasts get too large from consuming my naturally grown produce in my Canadian made, post-consumer recycled PVC material, I'll just wear a bra and change my name to Chaz;-)

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