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By Bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted September 09, 2011 at 09:50:32

Not sure I support LRT, but do support the idea of investigating everything about it before making a final decision! But with our "no plan" Mayor,details never are important! Just look at recent history,Mayor Bob's $10,000 UW donation,McMaster Building,Stadium and now Veldrome decided with little or no information and all requiring a decision within hours of a deadline! All those projects should have been evaluated just like LRT was at one time! No matter how you look at it,the competency of City Council has to be questioned! Don't you wonder why no one during last 6 months asked someone "how's the stadium project going",how's the Veldrome project going","how's HECFI operations going these days"? Nope,no one asked because they may then have knowledge and have to do something about it. Better to let it become a crisis! Hopefully this Council can say "no" at least once to the Veldrome as they will not have adequate information or time to contemplate any info given!

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