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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted September 09, 2011 at 11:15:24 in reply to Comment 69289

Though I'd prefer LRT, I'm one of those dewy-eyed folks that bought into the Beasley neighbourhood about 5yrs ago, looking to the future. Back then, Megan and I crossed our fingers that LIUNA would be brought back from the dead, so the all-day-GO thing has its bright sides (for me).

RE: your questions, from what I gathered during the Metrolinx public sessions, all-day service from James N. will chop 5-10 mins off the average Ham-Tor ride of about 75min. This is quite significant for someone like me who has only seen their trip get longer over the past 4yrs. But the express GO bus will still probably be faster during off-peak hours. The train is only really faster during rush hour, or if you're trying to get to Burlington, Oakville or Mississauga instead of Union Station.

Unfortunately, a platform at LIUNA only really made tons of sense when integrated into a larger city and transit-building initiative like WH+LRT. You're right to ask how people will get there and whether transit will be routed nearby (the #2 and #4 lines stop reasonably close-by, but that's it).

The walk to LIUNA is a fraction of my 15-20min walk to TH&B, and it opens up all of the North End as a new suburb of Toronto, but I'm not fully convinced it's going to do much for Hamilton, as a whole.

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