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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted September 28, 2011 at 22:46:07

Most of the discussion focused on the timing of the motion. The councillors in favour of the motion posited that now is the best time to put the LRT request back on the front burner to attempt to get the provincial party leaders (more specifically Premier Dalton McGuinty) and the candidates to address the issue before the October 6th election date. Councillors McHattie and Farr expressed the view that this could be a risky strategy if the city gets a “no” answer prior to the election. Mayor Bratina wanted to wait until the report is done before the city takes a position on LRT. Although they did not say what they would do if the provincial answer is “no”, one was left with the impression that those who voted in favour of the motion will keep trying to move the LRT file forward.

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