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By Robert Virgoe (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2007 at 22:11:57

David Virgoe is my nephew. We had worked together for many years and he was without a doubt the best driver I have ever encountered, a professional in every sense.
He was also a very special human being, and if you had ever met him you would know what I mean. It does not suprise me that he would sacrifice himself for others, he was a true "White Knight"

We have all heard of the saying "young and reckless" but these young men were racing on a crowded highway, with absolutely no regard for anyone else,including their passengers, and were criminal in their actions and intent. How can these young men, I assume are college students, afford their new fancy cars? I know!..... THE PARENTS=50%(blame)..maybe!! What are they studying? Ignorance101...I bet!

I'm seeing too much of this, every time I am out in my car. What gives them the right to put my life and the lives of my loved ones in jeopardy? Why are there so many crazy people driving cars?

When is it going to STOP! Perhaps with your nephew,or a family member.When are politicians and citizens going to say enough? I won't allow this to continue!

I also believe that the auto makers can/should build cars with engines proportionate to the vehicle. Eliminate the so-called "muscle car" straight-out. The day and age of high-powered automobiles is asinine, as fossil-fuels become scarce so does the reasoning of auto makers who continue to design "gas guzzlers".

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