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By Bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted November 08, 2011 at 12:59:28

I worked for CBC at Front Street in a high level job! The CBC does many things well,covers news & sports excellently,has great comedy shows! However,empowering employees is not anything close to what I observed there! CBC is a very Political organization, Managers and Supervisors spend many unpaid extra hours at work and are highly stressed! Conversely,unionization has resulted in far too many employees having very little to do during a shift! Not the fault of employees as I observed they rather do more & add their opinions in how to improve processes,however, Collective Agreement provisions highly restrict that type of activity! My job involved having unfettered access to all Departments from the basement workshop to the upper level studios! For many,not all,their shifts must have felt like 12 hours rather than 8 hours due to inactivity! CBA provisions encouraged ponderous work rules that result in wasted productivity,wasted expense and utter boredom for many! Not the employees or Guild's fault as at some point Management agreed to these restrictions through negotiations! Again, the result of an overly politically charged organization! I welcome CBC entrance to Hamilton,sounds like a small group of operational employees and their distance from Front Street may allow empowerment to this small group. Hopefully that's the case. In conclusion and strictly my opinion,with the Managerial & front line talent that's available within this broadcaster,removal of overly restrictive work rules,actuall empowering employees,reducing the CBA from a War & Peace novel to a simple set of Management & Union obligations similiar to private broadcaster operations, the CBC could be a powerful Network matching most others in North America!

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