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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted November 08, 2011 at 16:36:29

Out of everyone I know who still listens to old-fashioned radio, more than half, from crusty punks to grey-haired wealthy professionals, leave their dials tuned to the CBC (the rest are almost all divided between Mohawk and Mac). The quality of programming is so far beyond corporate radio that it's hard to believe it's all coming from the same box. I'm not generally a fan of dinosaurish state corporations like this, but I can't deny that they do a very good job (as with much of their reporting and documentaries). The rest of the airwaves are dominated by the likes of Clearchannel and Corus, who may be for-profit but are about as free-market and diverse as the old-time Pravda.

As for the institutional problems at the Corporation itself, nothing Bobby1 mentions surprises me at all. My job takes me into a great variety of workplaces, and believe me - this is the rule, not the exception, especially in the public sector (how some of these people don't grow moss is beyond me). Bureaucracy is built around managing work, not doing it, and the more entrenched it gets the less gets done. This is what I find most inspiring about Lorenzo's (excellent)article - a serious dose of horizontalism is just what the doctor ordered. The CBC has a chance here to become a next-generation media source - more open, fluid and responsive - and that's exactly what's needed to break the stagnation described above.

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