Comment 71163

By theOther (registered) | Posted November 08, 2011 at 19:57:00 in reply to Comment 71133

This must surely be the end of days, as I find myself agreeing (albeit only partially) with the entity known as 'Capitalist'. CBC is under existential attack, and is reacting as any other organization would do to make a case for its continuing relevance. That said, as a daily listener of Radio One, I was deeply disappointed to learn that Waterloo won bureau status (which Hamilton enjoyed previously) while our sorry little burg of 500,000 on the fringe of GTA got relegated to the Third Division. I hear weekly from Friends of the CBC about the dire status of the mothercorp, and contribute as my means allow, but this just stings. Aside from Jian Gomeshi's occasional (patronizing)references to 'The Hammer', we are only an afterthought in the greater realm, and it's not right.

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