Comment 73063

By jason (registered) | Posted January 16, 2012 at 09:37:59

Someone needs to help me out. I'm not a garbage fanatic who spends hours a week sorting everything. In fact I spend no extra time now than I used to before the green bins came along. Yet, our family of 5 produces a completely full green bin and two full blue boxes every week and half a can of garbage. With no effort. What am I missing??
The extent of my effort is literally opening a green lid instead of grey lid, and tossing recyclables into blue bins instead of the grey one. That's it.
I can't help but think city council is considering making this change simply to appease those too lazy to toss stuff in the right bin, again, unless I'm missing something. The last thing I want is bi-weekly pickup. My backyard would turn into a mini-transfer station with 2 green bins and a whack load of blue boxes.

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