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By 1 bag limit (anonymous) | Posted January 16, 2012 at 09:40:46

Although I believe a 1 container(not one bag BTW) limit should be easy to achieve for most its clear that some are so inherently lazy that its not achievable by all. IMO what the city needs to do is figure out a way to charge a reasonable amount for extra pickup that reflects both the extra costs these people are inflicting on the reasonable but also reflects the notion that the city is actually providing the service we are paying for. For example, with the minimum charge at the transfer station set so high it acts as a deterrent for those who are actually trying to meet the limit but need to dispose of 1 or 2 extra containers from time to time. If we are going to a bi-weekly pickup going beyond 3 containers per pickup will increase the allowable amount from what was just passed. Do we really need to do this????? Most people are getting it done with one container and those who aren't are generally coming close judging by the stats provided by the city. Surely 6 containers has to be seen as a total surrender to the 5% of people who will STILL choose to ignore all rules. More importantly, such a large limit will most likely see a return of huge amounts of recyclable and compostable material going back into the landfill stream as most people are inherently lazy and its easier not to separate if its really not required. $1M is way out of line to monitor and enforce illegal dumping but it will still be required as any cleanup effort of the last 30 years illustrates. The illegal dumping preceded the one bag limit and its not going to miraculously disappear by allowing almost unlimited volumes of acceptable trash because unacceptable curbside trash still exists and will still find its way into our alleys parks and ravines

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