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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 16, 2012 at 10:32:27 in reply to Comment 73071

Recycling and sorting garbabge (sic) is a complete waste of time.

OK. I'll play along; what would this enormous accumulation of time be otherwise used for? (And how much are we talking about? On both sides of the equation.)

Resources can be used for more productive purposes.

Such as...?

If recycling is so valuable why is nobody offering to pay me cash for my old newspapers and pop cans?

Clearly we're using a different definition of 'valuable'.

People need a grad degree to understand all these different garbage rules.

LOL Well...maybe that's how it looks to you. I'd be curious to see a short film about your life. Your habits, your capabilities...

Is it any wonder that people are dumping garbage?

No. It's not. These sorts of people are found everywhere, in every city in every culture. They're asshats. They just don't care. (And their minor-league cousins can be seen in smokers, who do the same thing on a micro-scale when they flick a butt to dispose of it.)

People aren't dumping garbage because their brains are fried from trying to figure how how to process their garbage. They're dumping because they're asshats. Period.

Hamilton has many places where we can hide trash.

Thanks for confirming that you're one of those asshats.

(And yes Ryan; I fed the troll...)

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