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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted January 16, 2012 at 12:42:45 in reply to Comment 73072

"what would this enormous accumulation of time be otherwise used for? (And how much are we talking about? On both sides of the equation.)"

Working in business or around the house. Spending time with kids etc. Assume 30min per week per household, week after week, year after year and it adds up. Kind of like the productivity losses of sitting in traffic.

"Resources can be used for more productive purposes.
Such as...?"

How much time and money is spend on recycling? We can use that money to fix our roads, sweep our streets, lower taxes etc etc.

"If recycling is so valuable why is nobody offering to pay me cash for my old newspapers and pop cans?
Clearly we're using a different definition of 'valuable'."

Not sure what your definition of value is but somebody is paying to process all this recycled goods. If there is a market for cans and old newspapers then way is someone not offering to pay me for them, kind of like the "we buy you used gold" folks? They will pay you for your used gold because there is a market for it.

"LOL Well...maybe that's how it looks to you. I'd be curious to see a short film about your life. Your habits, your capabilities..."

I'm blushing.

"Is it any wonder that people are dumping garbage?
No. It's not. These sorts of people are found everywhere, in every city in every culture. They're asshats."

Not sure what an asshat is. In any event, of coarse people dump garbage. The issue is that all the restrictions are causing people to dump MORE garbage
"People aren't dumping garbage because their brains are fried from trying to figure how how to process their garbage. They're dumping because they're asshats. Period."
"Hamilton has many places where we can hide trash.
Thanks for confirming that you're one of those asshats"

Hamilton has many green spaces (conserv areas, escarpment) where few tread and garbage can easily be dumped. Can't you come up with a better reason than "they're asshats".

Since you insulted me I will insult you.
I'm guessing you work at MIT, NASA, or some other high-powered research institute because the analytical zeal you provide to your reply leaves me just short-of breath.

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