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By slodrive (registered) | Posted January 19, 2012 at 11:51:45

Question about the waste diversion rates between Halton and Hamilton. Would the apartment vs. house residential mix not account for a solid chunk of this? I'd gather that there's a higher concentration of apartment dwellers in Hamilton than in Halton. And, I'd also assume convenience, or, recycling service in general, is far weaker in apartment complexes.

Been a while since I lived in an apartment down by the Hamilton GO station, but I remember recycling being a pretty big hassle.

I'm not saying that Halton can't be used as a 'best practices' potentially, but I'd be wary of making comparisons between two pretty different markets. I would also worry - despite Halton's example -- that increasing the limit to 3 bags over two weeks still enables you to produce more garbage. Living in a household of 4, with one 'power pooper' still in diapers, we've never had an issue with the one bag limit. Even two Christmas parties in one week didn't generate any more.

Overall, I'd hate to pander to the loud, lazy-ish minority if there really isn't an actual problem. I'd rather focus on diverting funds to making recycling/ compost collection easier for apartment complexes (edit:) and commercial/ construction compliance.

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