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By TreyS (registered) | Posted January 21, 2012 at 23:00:58

I will never green bin. I tried it, got mice, it's gross, my house smelled like maggots whenever I opened the door. Animals tipped over the outside green bin every night for their feeding frenzy, see not everyone has a garage in Hamilton. Perhaps every new home built in Hamilton should be mandated to have a garage for waste storage. Since lefties love regulations, especially against home builders, so lets have a green bin regulation.

The truth is the Green Bin stuff is not the bad stuff for the landfills and the enviro, let it rot in a landfill, if it's good enough to rot in a composter in my yard.

The problem is with the; sofas, TVs, appliances, computers, screen doors, drywall, that's where we are having a problem. What the heck do I do with my microwave oven every 5 years, a light fixture that I replaced, one out of 5 major kitchen appliance goes garbage every 18 months, I bought a new living room set of furniture, this is the crap that fills landfills. Not the leftover Kraft Dinner.

My cat now has become an outside cat. The natural world is his cat box now, I'm saving on cat litter waste already. I should get green points for that. His crap is not going into my garbage anymore it's going onto the neighbourhood lawns and shrubbery. That's green. I'm thinking I might try to save on water flushes too, by doing the same. That's how environmental I am.

I attempted to put my greenbin in my blue box but the recyclers failed to see the humour. They slapped my blue bin with a "Sorry" sticker, apparently the Green Bins are made of non-recyclable plastic... so I drove my SUV to Upper Ottawa and dumped my green bin in the trash, along with left-over siding, closet doors, bins of plastering mud, tree-branches, christmas tree and ornament crap, probably about 1000 lbs of trash. If I left this crap in my house, I guess that would make me green, it's still garbage, whether it's in our garages, basements, along a storm ditch or in the sacred Hamilton landfills. Garbage is still garbage no matter where it is.

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