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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted January 26, 2012 at 16:18:39 in reply to Comment 73140

I pay nearly $4000.00 (& this year it may be over that)for a bunch of things that I don't/can't use & can't seem to get a few relatively inexpensive things that are a "Given' in most urban areas.

Look for your taxes to go up again. The OMB has reinstated individual property evaluations again, after years of property tax respite. I'm still wondering why locally the City plows out roads & sidewalks leading to multi-national Billionaire Corps like Walmart. (Who have several snow removal units already on site.) The City also plows sidewalks for a street that is 90% commercial development. We also plow sidewalks that dead end, right to their dead end.. If the City was interested in making budget cuts, it has many ways of doing just that But It Won't. If I can cut our family's waste, I'm going to try, but I wish City Hall would stop doling out expen$ive favour$ to those who can most afford to pay for those services.

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