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By kdslote (registered) | Posted March 02, 2012 at 15:20:43

Great to see a city actively trying to improve the commuting experience for cyclists and drivers.

Still, I'm a bit skeptical about the bike track buffered by a row of parked cars - particularly at cross streets. I know they showed this scenario in the video, saying that drivers turning right just need to look out for cyclists the same way they look out for pedestrians - but cyclists are moving MUCH faster than pedestrians. This to me is the same danger as cycling on sidewalks. I much prefer the second option in the video. I hope that this is the model that the city implements when bike lanes are added to Herkimer and Charlton.

I hate to sound like one of those 'it won't work in Hamilton even though it works elsewhere' people, but thinking about my daily downtown commute route, there are too many intersections due to Hamilton's short blocks. The cycle track option would also eliminate the ability to create 'bumpouts' at intersections (such as those at the corner of Herkimer and Caroline). These bumpouts can really help the streetscape, effectively shortening pedestrian crossing distances and creating great gathering places / bus stops.

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