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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted March 05, 2012 at 02:17:43 in reply to Comment 74986

Well the biggest problem with re-use here is that you need someone in the private sector to do it and there doesn't seem to be an appetite for it, as you are likely to break the bank to re-develop it.

The property requires addressing the extensive asbestos problems within the school plus you have to deal with the water and mold damage that has been caused to the location from the vandals who broke into the place last year, although I'm not sure if that was cleaned up. Then you are going to have to somehow heat/cool the place down with a brand new system as the existing one has almost certainly given up the ghost by now. Then extensive renovations to make the place liveable or into a place of business. I just don't see that kind of cash flowing into this place from anywhere but the city, looking to make the area into a athletic precinct.

You might have a case if you took off the concrete box on top of the fairly nice brickwork, and adapted the building from there, but cost is the problem here and frankly, this building has even less of a case for preservation then the BoE building. Start from scratch on this one, Hamilton Place and the Convention center are frankly more then enough Brutalist architecture in our city.

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