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By TDR (registered) - website | Posted March 09, 2012 at 19:05:41 in reply to Comment 75128

Don't even make me respond to your putting the word feminist in quotation marks.

The word chattel comes literally from the same word as cattle, meaning owned belongings, often livestock. It's used with racial tones sometimes, but it's also used (for many centuries) to describe the plight of women who are owned by their husbands. ALL over the world.

And I agree that Western imperialism = bad. US and USSR using other countries as pawns = bad. All those things you mention ate true, but they are not relevant to my point.

It is insulting to women all over the world that some great hero (ie US soldiers) need to come to the rescue. Your example of Afghanistan is a poignant one. Look up the maternal mortality rate there. One in SIX. The ones who need to save the women of the world are ourselves.

Which is not Western/secular/Christian women getting Muslim women out of their burqas, it is all women regardless of nation or religion or whatever standing together, metaphorically, and raising our collective voice.

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