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By get a grip (anonymous) | Posted March 10, 2012 at 04:34:54 in reply to Comment 75116

What planet are you from? Are you really trying to compare the rights and safety of women in some archaic sadistic backward backwater like Afghanistan to Canada? A place where a women can be stoned to death because she had sex outside of marriage because she was raped? Give your head a shake. Our country may not be perfect but it is a magnitudes above what that armpit of the world is. Honour killings by parents of their own children are not something that I have ever heard of outside of the muslim world. Yes I know that kids do get hurt and killed by their parents in all countries but we (here) in no way shape or form try to pass it off as something that needs to be done to protect our families honour from god knows what. We treat morons who hurt their children as criminals and punish them for it, their they are commended because they saved their families honour. How in any way can you even try to justify such actions?

A women should be allowed to wear whatever she wants, as long as it is her choice, almost all the time. Their are times when a women or man or child needs to make their face visible for the powers that be, like police, judges, juries, election officials etc. I know that many things the brave sons and daughters of this country died to protect have been eroded but this is going way to far. It is time to put a stop to this. If anyone wants to live in a muslim ruled country they are free to do so there are several of them out their, but this is not one of them and hopefully never will. If you really like that level of depravity then why in the world did you leave there and come here?

I am all for the right to worship (or not worship) whatever god(s) you wish but when you try to force your views and wishes upon others by force and violence, especially when that violence is directed at your own children then there is something terribly wrong with your views and some of that violence needs to be directed at you.

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