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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted March 21, 2012 at 23:49:02 in reply to Comment 75348

I would argue that walking for fun is usually a daily activity (especially if you own a dog) and generally when I've gone cycling, I'll agree, about an hour a week with maybe an occasional quarter day trip.

I would say, the distance involved in making any kind of cycling trek part of everyday life would lean me towards being much more negligible. As in most cases, that kind of distance is usually accomplished within walking distance (at least within a good Urban environment).

but, as I stated, one of the reasons I would support this form of expansion is precisely because it aids in creating the culture needed to really push and make bike lanes viable. After all, who doesn't like cycling at Pier 4?

Even more so when you can create large multi-use parks (like Gage Park and Bayfront Park) and thus leverage it as both cycling infrastructure, greenspace (and hopeful brownfield reclamation) and event space. Some place like say, redeveloping Confederation park, or a West Harbor expansion of Bayfront linking up to Central Park or the area around Dundurn Castle. Money better spent then road conversion in my eyes.

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