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By bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2012 at 14:26:53

Just read the contents of Mayor Bratina's email to The Spec! I'm totally surprised a Mayor of a major City would write such an email! Firstly he blames the Spec for publishing the story about her 33% increase which due to that horror resulted in her cancelling her vacation in December to manage the fallout! This is obviously due to Mayor being advised that City policy only allows vacation payout due to extenuating circumstances & he is setting the stage for such justification! Cell phones,internet allow you to monitor any situation from most places in the world & I don't remember her doing any local physical duties (damage control) during that period! No interviews,no emails to the press! In fact, she has been mostly silent regarding her increase until questioned about sun shine list! Don't really blame her as she was the recipient of such largeness & didn't make the increase decision!
The other major surprise is the Mayor has returned to the original position that he didn't make the pay increase decision,but HR did & he simply approved? Originally he threw the HR head under the bus,got called out on the falsehood,dived under the bus with a half hearted opology & rescued her & now feeling heat again decided best course of action is to throw her back under the bus! OMG,this is an employee of Hamilton with no power compared to the Mayor & apparently falsely accused again of deciding the huge raise! I really think in his heart he is a good person,but loses perspective when under pressure and made a HUGE mistake a second time regarding this HR employee!
I think maybe our Mayor is away over his head,is very thin skinned & overly combative with self serving justifications that make little sense to average citizen following these events! Councillors,including the normally silent ones on controversy's need to step up & state publicly their support or censor of our Mayor's actions in these recent days.

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