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By Thank you! (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 03:57:03 in reply to Comment 75263

For pointing out a number of things..including David Sweet. :)
The GHA is by far, one of the most paternalistic larger urban centers I ever had the misfortune to live in. O.K., it's not a Middle Eastern theocracy,but it could do far better. I think a lot of fundamentalist Christian dogma has more than a bit to do with it. I don't think that being a 'perpetual victim' makes you a better woman, nor do I think that refusing to be one makes you a "slut, bitch, whore" or whatever. Gas Bags Geezers take note! Save the verbal abuse for those 'near & dear to you' who have to put up with your nonsense. What would Jesus do? I'd think, "Judge not, lest ye be judged"?

The West did support The Taliban in a effort to get Russia out of Afghanistan. It supported them with money, arms, & military 'know how', & set up the 4000 steps back into a near feudal system that is now common place in much of the conflicted areas in the Middle East. By "fighting communism", the U.S. managed to blind side the rest of the region by supporting groups that are rooted in their own kinds of oppression.

Would you believe I was actually called out ( 4 blocks from my home in the GHA) & not in Kandahar) on wearing purple a few years ago? By a woman! According to that 'style maven', I was too old to wear purple. Maybe what she was saying was, "My father, husband, brother..would not allow Me to wear purple, so who does she think she is wearing purple?"

But: "I don't care what yo' Daddy don't allow. Gonna wear some purple anyhow, even if Daddy don't allow purple wearing 'round here."

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