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By Thank You! (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 04:11:25 in reply to Comment 75191

I accidentally ran into a chilling website, done by a local man, about how to avoid "Devious & Controlling Women"
It seems, according to him that a 'devious women will force you to chase her, by not returning your phone calls, emails, & avoiding personal contact with you'.
So this man clearly cannot take "No" for an answer. Any efforts the woman makes to avoid him are seen as 'playing hard to get', thus... Entrapping Him.-???
This is the universal kind of Crazy that takes women's rights to refuse away from them, blames them, & possibly gets them hurt or killed for their lack of interest. It doesn't have a nationality, religion, or culture. It is simply bullying & treating women like none-people.

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