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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted April 17, 2012 at 14:10:57

So, I guess "took the short bus today" is out, too. And presumably "brainless", lest we insult the Acephalic Community.

I'm reminded of something a German religious writer once wrote ...

First they came for the blasphemous terms, but I didn't blashpeme, so I did nothing; then they came for the racist terms, but again I didn't use them so I didn't say anything; then they came for the sexist and mentally-ablist terms, and again I said nothing. But then they came for the general metaphorical epithets of opprobrium, and there was nothing left to say.

(I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to say - only that the banning of successive waves of terms makes me slightly uncomfortable even while I recognize that it's intended to counter meanness of spirit and nastiness of expression).

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