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By responsibility (anonymous) | Posted April 19, 2012 at 15:53:18 in reply to Comment 76058

I'm all for education of pedestrians and cyclists, and I believe that it should be an integral part of growing up (for many it is already)

But if we want to take a pure logical approach to this, then we need to recognize that the current licensing process for driving cars and trucks is far too lax. It is harder to get a forklift certificate than to get your G2 - but with a G2 you are released into the wild world with as little as zero experience. Most new drivers have more experience behind the wheel of a video game car than a real one. This is not appropriate considering the potential to inflict harm on bystanders through a mistake as simple as inattention.

You can challenge your drivers test having never gotten behind the wheel of a car before. Courses are 100% optional. You can take your driver's test in an automatic transmission Toyota Echo, and then drive yourself home from the testing centre in a stickshift 8 cylinder muscle car or a Hemi Dually pickup truck. Or even a cube van with no functional rear view mirror! Does this make sense?

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