Comment 76113

By bikehounds (anonymous) | Posted April 21, 2012 at 17:11:35 in reply to Comment 76103

The easy solution here is to make King two way all the way from Westdale to Dundurn, and include proper bike lanes. The highway entrances would need a proper signalized intersection. There is absolutely no reason for that 403 bridge to be a highway into Westdale. It breaks down into one lane before long anyways!

As for bikes into downtown - the two way separated bike lane should continue from Westdale all the way to Bay - or even James. There are more than enough lanes. We did just fine with two entire lanes missing back when the construction was taking up the right lane at the same time that the left was taken out of commission at Hess.

The city is clearly OK with losing a lane to Darko's burned out apartment building, but giving a lane to cyclists is simply not on the table? Pathetic.

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