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By Real Concerns (anonymous) | Posted April 30, 2012 at 10:57:34

I suppose I should be happy that anything is finally getting built here but I have some real concerns...
While I appreciate the presence of a new hotel in the downtown (visitors might not be forced to stay in Burlington anymore), the stucco-finished product looks like it belongs on suburban highway ramp, not the core.
The land that's being built on here is signature gateway property for the City and it would be nice if it said more to visitors (and residents) than "welcome to Hamilton, we build cheap." I'm not sure it will.
Why doesn't Hamilton seem to have an architectural review process or insist on standards to let citizens know what we're going to get? We're gonna have to live with whatever gets built for a very long time.
If Mississauga can stage international design competitions to revise their "downtown" it would be nice to at least have some transparency and possible input from the locals and experts here.

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