Comment 76414

By Jeff Tessier (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2012 at 00:25:11 in reply to Comment 76409

True, but the greater benefit to the city would be if Denis/Darko Vranich were not given a pass just because they can provide a once-a-decade project while holding on to derelict eyesores that provide visual evidence to both residents and vistors that Hamilton is a decaying city. Their successful builds are numerous, but it always seems to me that that's outweighed by the fact that the most grievous dereliction in the city always comes back to them (220 Dundurn, King & Hess, Federal building). The negative impact of this decay is greater than the benefit from their occasional - when they feel like it, when they get tons of money from the city - efforts to do someting with these properties. Real developers - Core Urban, UrbanCore, for example - do not follow this model.

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