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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted May 21, 2012 at 21:46:06 in reply to Comment 77020

Again, I disagree. Let's take John South from Main down to Agusta. After that it's the strip mall and housing/doctor offices so we'll end where there's lots of space.

East Side

  • Empty lot (eventually will be the Hamilton Grand, will believe it once there is actually contstruction on the site, not just a pit)

  • Lordly Jones furniture

  • Empty storefront

  • Labour Ready

  • Beauty supply/hairstylist

  • Empty storefront (used to be a payday loan store)

  • Shawarma Hut

  • Convenience store

  • New Horizons building

  • Tailgate Charlies

  • Empty Lot (parking)

  • Affinity restaurant

  • Empty storefront

  • Incognito restaurant

  • Empty storefront

  • Empty storefront

  • Head shop

  • Apartments

  • Canadian Mental Health Association

  • Empty storefront

  • Lionshead pub

  • Tattoo parlour

  • 2 empty storefronts

  • Empty storefront

  • Empty storefront

  • Empty storefront (some pseudoscience building, I haven't seen it open in years so my guess is it's not there)

  • Stationary store

  • Restaurant

  • Gallagher's

West Side

  • McMaster continuing ed building

  • Tim Horton's

  • Emil Fusaro tailor

  • Real estate office

  • Beauty school

  • Empty lot (Parking)

  • Jewellery store

  • Empty lot (parking)

  • GO station

  • Gas station

  • Lawyer office

  • Unknown office

  • 2 unknown offices

Now, most of the buildings on the east side (and west side before going under the train tracks) are multi-storey buildings. It looks like prior to Jackson they are unoccupied or some apartments, after going under the bridge you can't tell. So, there's plenty of space for artists, businesses, and people, yet nobody is there. Explain.

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