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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted July 11, 2012 at 22:37:33

Here is the story, this is a give and take conversion. The majority of traffic on Aberdeen is people coming from/to the West Mountain going from/to the 403, either direct along Aberdeen, up Queen St. or down Dundurn and onto Main.

This traffic isn't likely to stop if you make a bike lane conversion on Aberdeen as even if Aberdeen is reduced to one lane. Waiting in traffic on Aberdeen will still be shorter and faster then taking the LINC out to Ancaster to get to the 403 (which is about an extra six KM if you are coming from W5th and Mohawk) and will push more traffic onto Queen from Main. Now this may facilitate the conversion of two way streets in the area such as Queen, Locke, Charlton and Herkimer, to offer better traffic access which is good.

However, these conversions come with a price. You are making Main an even more attractive highway off ramp if you are heading up the mountain and if you make Queen two way, you have all the traffic cutting across Aberdeen, now splitting between cutting across Aberdeen as well as King/Main. This means making Main and King even more of a dominant highway access in the area for eastbound traffic, and you are damning it to be FAR less likely to ever be changed from the fives lanes of one way car traffic that it is right now.

Now I would be supportive of this idea, but then again I'm for leaving Main and King one way, and maybe sacrificing a lane on each for and LRT/sectioned off bike access. However, if you want to see Main and King turned two way, you have to get traffic off of these streets, not put more traffic onto them.

Like I said, give and take and pick what battle you want to fight.

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