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By DBC (registered) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 09:26:46

That entire neighbourhood, from Bloor to St. Clair is built for all users. Not just the car. I have been to several hockey games at George Bell Arena and always drove up from the Gardiner.

Bloor West was always full of people walking and shopping. Many of the side streets are 30 km/h and have speed humps to control traffic. The whole neighbourhood is vibrant. It is built for everyone. No one way streets either. Doesn't seem like the planners considered the car over all other road users as this part of Toronto evolved.

In other words, this neighbourhood looks nothing like anything in Durand or Kirkendall. So who has it right Toronto or Hamilton?

I had no problem getting to where I was going from the Gardiner; I just didn't get there on a desolate 5 lane one way freeway with synchronized traffic lights. No one on this site is advocating the complete elimination of traffic lanes for cars. People want balance. Currrently in Kirkendall and Durand there is little if any balance. Everyone will still be able to get where they are going, they will just have to do so with some consideration for other road users and neighbours.

What is so wrong with that? We are sacrificing much of our lower city for the sake of a few minutes out of peoples, day. Ridiculous.

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