Comment 79460

By John Neary (registered) | Posted July 13, 2012 at 11:22:18 in reply to Comment 79428

Let's figure out how many person kilometers each mode of transportation accounts for, driving, transit, cycling, and walking then we divide up our roadways accordingly. That would give us real BALANCE.

Why person-kilometers? Why is a trip from my house to Fortino's (2.7 km) worth three times as much as a trip to the farmer's market (900 m)? The purpose is the same either way.

What about the health benefits of walking and cycling (better physical fitness) and the negative externalities of driving (motor vehicle collisions, increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease for people exposed to exhaust)?

What about the other uses of streets and sidewalks? (Chance encounters, window shopping, road hockey, learning to ride a tricycle, street festivals, drawing with chalk ...)

Every problem has a solution that is simple, elegant, and wrong. You are designing a city for computer models rather than for people.

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