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By MikeyJ (registered) | Posted August 24, 2012 at 18:07:37 in reply to Comment 80037

Ogden's population is under 100,000. You may be referring to the whole Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan Statistical Area which is like saying all Hamilton, Burlington & surrounding towns.

The metro area of Hamilton is 1,372 km² A better comparison for the whole Hamilton would be Weber County where Ogden resides, which is 1,491 km² of land with a total population of 231,236.

Hamilton Metro Area is only 180,000 people shy of the 1,910 km² of Salt Lake City County in 2000 (Trax launched in 1999), which encompasses all of Trax`s lines.

SLC's first Trax line, which started at 24 km, directly serviced 5 cities with a total population of 353,252 in 2000. That is 173,006 more people than the 180,246 people of Wards 1 to 5 (census 2011) who would be directly serviced by the 13.4 km B-Line in Hamilton.

So if 14,719 people per km of Trax can justify LRT in Salt Lake City, all Hamilton needs is 197,232 people in Wards 1 to 5, an increase of 16,986 more people, or 3,397 people per B-Line Ward.

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