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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted October 31, 2012 at 10:35:50 in reply to Comment 82464

Agreed. Not sure if this already happens, but when we fix Burlington Street and Ottawa Street and Kenilworth and the likes, trucking companies and local business who rely on heavy transport to import/export goods, should be paying for a high percentage of those repairs.

Burlington Street is the worst street in Ontario I believe it was hailed finally, but it should have been fixed a long time ago at the businesses prime expense. I asked the question before and I think I'll ask it as a separate question to the community again when I have a moment, have we ever considered removing all the overpasses along Burlington Street to improve the appearance for visitors coming into the east end community from Niagara? They are a mess and in need of repair but why keep them? To separate trucks and cars? That doesn't seem to be relevant. The odd train going back and forth? Overpasses directly over top of ground-level roads create dungeoness atmospheres. One would think if we tore them down we'd be left with 2 or 3 lanes on each side all the way through and many of those businesses do a great job keeping up their street-facing properties.

We should be looking at Industrial areas in Burlington such as down by where I work on Harvester Rd, as an example of industrial property standards. Then we question why does Dofasco have an ugly fence around the Burlington Street parking lot but not the one off Ottawa Street at their head office? Fences aren't attractive and it isn't long before they start leaning and rusting. Burlington Street should be a vibrant, tree-lined, flour adorned, welcome mat to Gage Park, Ottawa Street, Ivor WYnne, and a way to get downtown in a steady manner from Niagara.

We need to clean up our existing roads but we can't keep up yet we are looking to build more?

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