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By jason (registered) | Posted November 20, 2012 at 20:10:08 in reply to Comment 83056

I live 2 blocks from Queen, just south of York and see potential for a couple of cross sections:

  • 8' parking lane on west curb, which can double as a right turn lane at King, Charlton and Aberdeen, 10' travel lane, 2' buffer zone, 10' 2-way bike lanes on east curb. IMO there is never a need for 2 or 3 full live lanes here. It's a freeway. 1 full lane with right turn lanes as mentioned would do the trick. And here's the best part, if it's slower and functions as a normal urban street, trucks will use the multi billion $ freeway system we built them that connects all 4 corners of the city seamlessly and easily. The last thing we should cater to is truck companies who are cutting through the city even though it actually takes them longer than using the QEW/403 or Red Hill/Linc. Once these streets are slightly slowed, it will take trucks a few minutes longer and hopefully their bosses will glance at a map and notice all the free-flowing freeways circling the city.

Second cross section is two-way:

  • 8' parking/right turns on west curb, 10' live lane south, 10' live lane north, possibly a 3-4' northbound bike lane if there's room on the east curb.

Personally I'm cool with either option if they were proposed like this. The two-way bike path idea has great appeal due to the lack of N/S bike lanes in this part of the city.

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